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A modern librarian, who has faith in the law that 'BOOKS ARE FOR USE' is happy only when his readers make his shelves constantly empty. It is not the books that go out that worry him. It is the stay-at-home volumes that perplex and depress him.
- S. R. Ranganathan

Head Desk's

As a human being we are very much caring about our things. We always protects our belongings but as a librarian the above quotes given by S.R. Ranganathan appreciate the behavior of the librarians who motivate their readers to continuously make use of the books and other reading materials belonging to his library. Sharing books is a means and methods of sharing knowledge and knowledge increases when sharing increase.

The central Library of Devi Ahilya University is following the above quotes of Prof. Ranganathan. We are not only providing facilities to the Faculty and Students of University Teaching Departments but we also extending our facilities to the young boys and girls who are preparing for the competitive examinations.

Our library is a old library but we are also following the modern technology using RFID tagging for book safety, TLSS software for Issue / Deposit facility and OPAC facility. In next future we are planning to provide more modern technology in our library. I welcome the readers to give more constructive suggestion for the improvement of library resources, facilities and services.

( Dr. Rajiv Gupta)
Incharge Librarian
Central Library
Devi Ahilya University, Indore