Working Hours

Library : 08 AM to 08 PM

Circulation : 10 AM to 04 PM

Weekends : 08 AM to 07 PM

Holidays : 08 AM to 07 PM

Library Committee

The library shall be managed and administered by a Library Advisory and Purchase committee known as (LAPC). The LAPC is responsible for the performance of its duties and the exercise of its powers. The function of the Library LAPC is to support the functioning of the library so in order to facilitate the library development plans by advocating the library development activities with the Librarian.


Library Committee consists of the following members

Sr. No Composition Status
1 Vice Chancellor nominee
Prof. Ashok Sharma
Three Professors of University nominated by the Vice Chancellor
2 Prof. Vrinda Tokekar Member
3 Prof Rajesh Sharma Member
4 Prof Ravi Sindal Member
5 Librarian:
Prof. Ajay Kumar
Member Secretary

Note: The committee will be valid for one complete year.

Duties of Library Advisory & Purchase Committee

  • Advising in Planning and Organizing the Library.
  • Recommending acquisition policy, Library budget and Library rules for approval and for the purchase of books, e- books, journals, and e-journals in departmental library and to central library.
  • Suggesting for improvement of services.
  • To suggest changes in the departmental Library with an aim to make it more user‐friendly and academically useful.
  • To monitor / evaluate, from time to time, trends and developments in information technologies, networking library automation, library cooperation etc. and to make recommendation for the adoption.
  • Evaluate the suggestions from the library users.
  • Any other function as and when needed for the management of library.


The quorum for the meetings of the Library Advisory & Purchase Committee shall be 2/3 of the total number of members. The LAPC would meet as and when it considers necessary but at least once in every quarter (4 times in a year) to review the library affairs and purchase so the allotted budget is utilized properly and in time.